Ninety Percent? Isn’t that almost double?

From an article on changes in the teaching profession:

The teaching profession is transforming, according to research released Tuesday: It is larger than ever, but more unstable; it’s attracting more educators of color than ever, but losing them at higher rates than white teachers.

Three commas, a semicolon and a colon. We are in the presence of greatness.

There have been steep increases in special education teachers, educators who instruct English language learners, and elementary-level enrichment teachers — those who teach a subject like foreign language or robotics. There’s been a 90 percent increase in math teachers, and a 94 percent increase in science teachers — due in part to changing graduation requirements in schools across the country.

Has there really been a 90% increase in the number of math teachers, and does that just represent previously open positions nationwide? In my school we still have the same ole numbers.

Which is to say, the minimum.

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