What Could This Even Mean?

 From the More Questions Than Answers Dept:

Lindsay Mages, a Hillside Elementary School teacher in Virginia, is accused of having a non-sexual inappropriate relationship with a student that ’caused or created’ mental injury, cops said. The Loudon County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement that Mages, 28, was arrested on October 31.

Authorities say Mages “created or inflicted, threatened to create or inflict, or allowed to be created or inflicted upon the child a physical or mental injury by other than accidental means, a misdemeanor” of a minor she was in the care of.

It’s no laughing matter.  I’m just not sure how this fifth year teacher could have done something to cause mental injury. How does that happen? What went wrong? Did she “lose it?”


Mrs. Mages before:

Lindsay Mages

And after:

Lindsay Mages WDVM

Nobody looks better in a mug shot. The lesson: Don’t be in a mug shot.


Mages’ arrest came five days after another Loudon County Public Schools teacher, Samuel Hermens, 30, was accused of taking “upskirt” photos of female students.


Michigan School Teachers Admit to Being Porn Stars on the Side

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