Pediatricians Say: Don’t Spank

On the one hand, I agree. On the other hand, I swatted a be-hind or two, and my kids turned out fine. We only used it to teach lessons about danger: don’t run in the road, don’t touch the stove.

Your mileage may vary.

The New York Times:

Parents should not spank their children, the American Academy of Pediatrics said on Monday in its most strongly worded policy statement warning against the harmful effects of corporal punishment in the home.

The group, which represents about 67,000 doctors, also recommended that pediatricians advise parents against the use of spanking, which it defined as “noninjurious, openhanded hitting with the intention of modifying child behavior,” and said to avoid using nonphysical punishment that is humiliating, scary or threatening.

The last NC district just outlawed paddling in school. Link.

Paddling in school? Sorry. That’s just plain wrong.

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