Because Sports Builds Character

Actually, I think sports can build character, but not always…as these stories show:

WILSON, N.C. (AP) – A North Carolina school system has ended the football season for two teams who engaged in a postgame fight last weekend.

During the handshake!

After last Friday’s game, a fight broke out between several players as the teams went through the postgame handshake. The school district said sheriff’s deputies used pepper spray to stop the fight when coaches and administrators couldn’t subdue the players.

And this story about soccer players shouting “Where’s your daddy?”

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Durham Public Schools is investigating after two Page High School students said they were taunted about their fathers’ deaths during a playoff match at Jordan High School.

Senior goalkeeper Eric Winkler lost his father to cancer, something he said the opposing team learned on social media. Players say students from Jordan followed them on Instagram before Thursday night’s match.

Coaches say they didn’t hear it. I’m dubious. And livid.

There’s no excuse for players fighting, but high schoolers could be forgiven if their emotions got out of control. But to research the opposing players and taunt someone about a family member’s death?

That’s a special type of cruel.

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