NC State Figures This Might Be the Future of Online Education

Person wearing a VR headset

The other students have stolen his lunchbox and eaten his Twinkies.

Personally, I’m skeptical.

Picture this: You’re walking through an organic chemistry lab on NC State’s campus. You put on your safety goggles and follow the professor over to a whiteboard, checking out the equipment around you along the way.

A pretty standard student experience, right? It would be, except for the fact that you’re actually sitting at your kitchen table in front of your laptop.

Thanks to immersive technology experiences developed by DELTA (Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications), online students can receive all the benefits of being on campus — and, in many cases, even more.

I hate to open up a hornet’s nest, but every technological innovation has fallen short in my humble opinion, as it relates to education.  I want, no insist that my student chemists work with real chemicals, my student surgeons cut into actual things and my future teachers poractice with real students, not algorithms.

I was promised that computers would revolutionize teaching, but I see a lot of drill-and-kill software being used in classrooms. Can computers be excellent tools for adventure and education? Sure.

It’s the basic difference between can we and will we.

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