Most People Think Teachers Should be Paid More…

Kind of. Sort of.
They also said they’d never do what we do for as little as we get. (That’s news?)
A new study by the Varkey Foundation:
The US public think that teachers are underpaid by $7,500. While wages for a starting secondary school teacher have remained largely stagnant in the US since 2013, hovering at just over $44,000 per annum, five years ago people considered this to be more than what they thought was a fair wage ($41,000).
Today, they consider it to be markedly below a fair wage, which they now
place at around $51,500. This is just above the minimum salary US respondents said they would consider to become a teacher ($51,000)
Like a lot of surveys, it is subject to bias. People are very generous with teacher salaries when their taxes are not on the line. Also, there’s a difference between what I think someone should be paid, and what I would accept. I think certain blue collar jobs are worth in the area of $25,000 a year, but I wouldn’t work really hard, physical labor for anything less than twice that figure.
You know what we call people who would never teach for less that $51,000 a year?
I dunno.  But we don’t call them teachers.  Not around here, anyway.

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