So, What Words Should You Avoid in School?

A Pennsylvania teacher used the “n-word” in class.  Students asked her not to used that word. She used it again. She was suspended.

After discovering that the teacher had been reinstated after a short suspension, parents and community leaders called for the teacher to be fired while others noted that the word is often used in the context of history lessons and should be …

Hold up. It was a science teacher?

How does the n-word come up during a discussion about a chemistry project or a house cat? Was she explaining how the noble gases tend not to combine with other molecules because they are “uppity niggers”? Does her pet feline balance equations like a “real nigga should?”

I’d never use the word on this blog, in class or even alone in the car.  I only include it above since the author of the article seems to grasp the situation well, and Michael Harriot probably can’t be called racist.

The article appeared at the website The Root.

At least one commenter noticed that the teacher has tenure.  Remember, tenure doesn’t make someone stupid. It just keeps them on the faculty.


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