NC School Adds Exotic Device to Door to Protect Students

NORTH CAROLINA (WIVB) – A school in North Carolina is adding a new security measure to protect students in case of a lockdown.

It’s a device that drops a metal pin that secures classroom doors and keeps attackers out.

A school outside of Raleigh is installing the “RhinoWare” technology.

Students and teachers have already been trained on how to use them.

The school is spending about $30,000 on the technology, and they say it’s worth it.

Richelieu Hardware 5 in. Slide-Action Gate Latch

Sorry. Wrong Picture. $7.28 at Home Depot.



I love that they call it a “device,” as if this is the most complex thing ever.  It is a heavy-duty door lock, which would prevent someone from opening the door from the outside. These things have been around for thousands of years.

As for the device being helpful in a dangerous situation, yes. Provided the bad guy is on the other side of the door. I suspect strongly that it will be used to keep substitute teachers locked outside the class.

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