Your Gut vs. Responsibility

— Authorities have accused a North Carolina school principal of dragging a student by the collar of their shirt after the child ran out of his office into a hallway.

Patrick Mitchell Nelson

There is a vital difference between your gut and your responsibility toward children. If your gut says “Grab this kid and drag him…” because you think that’ll teach ’em… 

You’ve made a serious error. 

Detectives said while addressing the student’s behavior in the principal’s office, the student ran into the hallway. The news release said the principal grabbed the student by their shirt collar, causing them to fall. The detectives said the student was then dragged back into the office doorway.

I work with behaviorally challenged kids. They misbehave.  They push buttons. They sometimes have to be held to prevent injury to themselves or others. Rarely, but sometimes…an adult can lose their cool while intervening with children. It cannot be allowed to escalate.

Nelson is charged with one misdemeanor count of assault on a child under 12 years old.

Yeah. So, maybe ten or eleven?

This guy is most likely going to lose his job and his career. 

The student may also lose something: confidence that he’ll be treated well at school.

This is a lose/lose situation.

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