Wilson Times:We Endorse the Bond, but We Know a Better Way

The Wilson Times is in favor of the 1.9 billion dollar bond for schools, but bets on another way:

While the school construction bond is a worthy investment, we can’t pay our bills on billion-dollar credit cards forever. The state needs more recurring revenue to support public education. That’s why The Wilson Times is calling on lawmakers to legitimize, regulate and tax video sweepstakes centers and devote 100 percent of the proceeds to our schools.

Because we totally can trust lawmakers to devote 100% of any revenue to a single area. Have we done this area before?

As for moral resistance to gambling, that horse has been out of the barn for more than a decade. The N.C. Education Lottery ponied up $100 million for local school systems this year. A tax on sweepstakes gaming would serve as a much-needed multiplier.

Can anyone come up with another revenue raiser for schools? Legalize and tax pot? Tolls in the car-rider line?

Or maybe some level of general taxation and spending policy which allows for an appropriate level of financial support for infrastructure? I know. Crazy talk.


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