Pew Survey: Americans Say Education is Important

The 74:

National Survey: Americans Say Education Should Be Higher 2019 Priority for Congress Than Terrorism, Immigration, or Jobs



Improving education ranked third in overall importance, behind strengthening the economy and reducing health care costs. Defending against terrorism and making the Social Security and Medicare systems more sound rounded out the top five concerns.

I can live with education being number 3.  Of course when it comes to funding education, a national survey won’t help. School funding means taxes, and that is a local or state issue.

Suspended Sentence?

Suspended sentence.  Maybe you could explain that to me.

A former South Lenoir High School teacher received a suspended sentence Tuesday afternoon after pleading guilty to crimes against nature for having a relationship five years ago with a 15-year-old student.

Jennifer Hartlieb, 35 of Guilford County, received a supervised probationary sentence of 36 months and several special conditions set by Judge Imelda Pate that stemmed from an incident that occurred in November 2015.


After the trial the boy’s mother said she was satisfied but wished more could have been done. She couldn’t understand why Hartlieb was not put on a sex offenders’ list, she said.


She did not have a relationship, she abused a relationship. What she had was sex. With a 15-year old.

Lock these teachers up.  

NC Teacher Missing in Mexico

If you pray, now might be a gtood time:

KTIC Radio

More than 100 police officers in Mexico are searching through the deep river gorges of one of the country’s national parks for a North Carolina teacher last seen more than a week ago, according to reports.

Patrick Braxton-Andrew, 34, is believed to have been hiking at the Copper Ca

Patrick Braxton-Andrew

nyon National Park in Mexico’s northwestern state of Chihuahua when he went missing, ABC North Carolina affiliate WSOC-TV reported. He was last seen by staff at the hotel he was staying at in Urique, a former mining village at the base of one of the national park’s canyons, according to WSOC.

More at

Braxton-Andrew teaches 8th-grade Spanish at the private Woodlawn School in Mooresville, where students know his as “Señor Pato,” according to the scho

ol’s website. He graduated from Davidson College in 2006.  He was supposed to meet his brother in Mexico City on Oct. 30, but he never arrived. The U.S. Embassy has been alerted.

Don’t Forget To Vote and/or Yell

Off topic stuff from the Babylon Bee:

Report: Lots Of Yelling At Each Other Expected To Fix Things Any Day Now

U.S.—It is a contentious time in this country, with a sharp partisan divide and extremists committing acts of violence, but a number of people have stumbled upon what they think could be the answer: lots of yelling at each other.

She’s doing her part. Are you?

“Loud yelling really is the answer,” said concerned citizen Clayton Pearson. “And it’s not just the volume of the yelling but also the content. It should be full of anger. And the target is anyone on the opposite side of me, politically. If I express that I’m even angrier now at people I already didn’t like, that will finally engender change.”

NC School Board Delays Vote on Wayne County School Takover

What do we do when schools fail?

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina’s statewide school board has delayed a vote on whether it will order a second academically low-performing school to be taken over or closed.

State Board of Education spokesman Drew Elliot said the board voted 7 to 5 to delay a decision until Dec. 6. Some board members wanted more time to build community support and to view additional data.

Carver Heights Elementary School was failing by any measure.

Only about 18 percent of the Goldsboro school’s students were proficient in skills expected at their grade level, the lowest of the six elementary schools that were under takeover consideration.

A local hearing on the school was met with upset parents and school officials. The local school board opposes the move.

I prefer that local communities control local schools, but something drastic has to happen when schools fail.


News: SAT Scores Are Up, Read to Achieve Isn’t Helping Early Readers (Yet?)


From the NC DPI:

The state’s average SAT score for 2018 high school graduates from all North Carolina public schools increased 16 points overall from 2017, to 1,090, compared to the national average of 1,049, an increase of 5 points from the previous year. The scores reflect graduates who took a new version of the SAT, introduced in 2016, at least once during high school. Among all North Carolina graduates who took the SAT, including those in private and home schools, the state’s average score reached 1,098, an increase of 17 points from the previous year’s average score of 1,081.

Maybe somebody is doing something right. On the other hand, a reading initiative has yet to show progress according to a report cited by WRAL TV:

Researchers say North Carolina’s Read to Achieve literacy program has had no gains, with five years of test scores showing little benefit.

North Carolina State University released a study last week ojonas-jacobsson-545909-unsplash.jpgver the third-grade reading campaign the state has spent more than $150 million on, finding the program was too focused on third grade and that having each school district implement it leads to inconsistencies from teacher skills to the type of summer reading camps offered.