Because, Science. That’s Why!…which I really hope made this up to make us laugh.

Study reveals how long it takes for LEGO head to pass through adult human digestive tract

In the experiments, six adults (three male, three female) working in the pediatric field were asked to swallow a LEGO head and then to sift through each subsequent bowel movement until they found the tiny toy. Each was also asked to keep a diary regarding their findings as the researchers also wanted to know about factors such as stool softness and how that might impact travel time. It was at this point that the research became a little difficult to swallow, if you will. Each volunteer was asked to rate the softness of their stool samples on a scale known as Stool Hardness and Transit—to give themselves a SHAT score. And that was not the end of it: Each of the volunteers was also given a score to describe how long it took for a toy to pass through—they called it the Found and Retrieved Time (FART) score.

I feel  I should mention that in the UK and Australia the word shat is a past tense verb closely related to the methodology used in the study.

LEGO head


The study was designed to educate parents of children who might swallow a toy about the general timing of swallowed toy retrieval. They did not use children as test subjects.

Did these people never eat corn? Never?


Now THERE is a Great Use of the Internet!

A lot of the online world is junk, and plenty of the rest is NSFW. Ocearch uses data on sea creatures which have been tagged to great an excellent site.  I zoomed into the east coast for my picture below, but the information is worldwide.  (There are fewer tagged creatures apparently outside the North American east coast.)

This is just a static clip.  Click here for the Ocearch site.

The Price of the Anti-Vax Movement

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Health officials say 28 private school students in North Carolina now have chickenpox in an outbreak that began last week.

The number of children infected grew from 13 the week before, the Buncombe County Health and Human Services Department announced Monday.

I understand that some parents are concerned about vaccinations. I’m more concerned about diseases which ought to be eliminated.

As always, your opinions are welcome.